X Rush Updates: Public Beta Test 3 is Coming Soon with Endless Running Mode

Hi X Rushers!

After weeks of development, we at X Rush are glad to announce that X Rush Public Beta Test 3 is around the corner!!!

The last Public Beta Test 2 revealed many bugs as we launched some major features in the game. We have fixed them all and are excited to bring you the latest version!

In this very new version, we have updated the following features:

1. Support more Web3 wallets;
2. Launch more game maps;
3. Launch the endless running mode in the final stage;
4. Add the game item upgrade function.

We will announce more details about Public Beta Test 3 in future articles, please do follow our Twitter and Discord for the latest news!

Moreover, we have received much advice from our community regarding the X Racer NFT and the X Rush game launch, especially from our discord. We heard your voices and have considered a lot about it. In the past weeks, we also talked with our backers to ensure we were all on the same page. So for now, we still won’t rush for anything and will make the best moves at our own pace.

Plus, more things will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

About X Rush
X Rush is a casual shooting gamefi project powered by Unity 3D engine and compatible with most web3 wallets. Recently, X Rush completed the seed round with KuCoin, with a valuation of $10M. KuCoin will give X Rush full support in marketing, community, IEO/IDO, PR, etc., to co-build the next generation Gamefi hit. X Rush is also seeking partners for the private round to further strengthen the impact and community.

Stay Tuned
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X Rush

X Rush

X Rush is a play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide users with a fun gaming experience by racing & shooting in random metaverses.